Over the years, my poems have appeared in multiple literary journals. While I dedicate most of my attention to comparative research and to writing about poetry and poetics, I continue to occasionally publish my own poems. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing with a focus on poetry.

Great Blue Whale,The Giant Fish,” and “Questions from a Child.”  (Prism Review, 2019)

“Seagulls” (Grist, 2017)

“Unmanned” (Mizna, 2016)

“Meditation on Amber,” “Nighttime in South Florida,” and “The Wharf Boy” (Mizna, 2015)

Anhinga(Big Cypress National Preserve, 2014)

After Hours (Fugue, 2013)

“Like Small Men Carry Children,” “Awful That I Saw Her,” and The Ice Carver” (Mizna, 2013)

“Toasts” (Water~Stone Review, 2012)

“Hour Poem” (Faultline: Journal of Arts and Letters, 2011)

“Dark Poem” and When Have You Known Happiness (Midway Journal, 2011)

Night Poem (Beloit Poetry Journal, 2010)