Questions from a Child

Where is the worm’s spine? How can that bridge
made of stone not fall down? Why does sunshine
quiver like a lamb? Can the wind console hills?
Listen, is mud the closest thing to eternity?
If not eternity, then what is that sense of salvation?
When two people meet, do they each carry a flute
that trails behind like wind? Is sun a giant dew drop?
Can a strand of hair fill the air with sound? Can
sound fall headfirst into a watering hole, then float
between light and dew? Can a ladder made of grass
go up to the sky? Have you seen that I am old as sand?
Why do ants walk on water? If I learn all your words,
can I know all your secrets? What is wild intention?
Why does pain make you patient? Are questions the closest
thing we have to facts? If I see you in a dream,
will I remember and know your face when I wake up?
Are rustic waves hammered into history like shale?
At the turn of sea shells, can we change our souls?

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